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Ok so I recently built a new computer, and it has been working fine for the first 8 months, but all of sudden about a week ago when I would first turn on my computer the monitor would get no signal, so I would hit the reset button and it worked fine for the rest of the day, Unfortunantly I've had to do this every morning for the past week (reset the computer on first boot to get signal).
However yesterday morning I tried to boot and it started up (fans came on and everything) but then suddenly shut off on its own 4 seconds after turning it on, then it shut itself back on and then off etc... until i hit the power switch or held the button down for 5 seconds.
So What I tried to do was hit CMOS and do a reset on the motherboard, and that actually worked, it didnt shut off on its own, however I couldn't see the screen cause my monitor had no signal again! So I tried this a few more time and I still have no Signal.
If somone could please help that would great,

i5 2500k CPU
Radeon 5970 GPU
asRock p67 extreme6 MOBO
2x 4g PNY RAM
Corsair 750w PSU
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  1. that is odd it almost sounds as though it could be a PSU issue. it might also be mobo, GPU or a monitor issue. i would start by trying the monitor then GPU in/on a different computer if possible. also i would try a different GPU in this system if possible.
  2. Do you have any display cables that aren't in use plugged into your graphics card? My brother had this issue with his card (HD6870). He had a DVI-VGA adapter plugged into one of the DVI ports and the card confused that as the main source of connection.
    After we removed that, the issue went away.
  3. Make sure all the connections fromm the PSU is hooked to the mobo before you rule out the PSU, If you can RMA the PSU for another, the Corsair PSU you have a vary nice and I would recomend getting another 1 if you possibly can. Or temporally try a different PSU if you have an extra laying around.

    Also if you have onboard video or another video card laying around try that, and see if it boots.

    If all else fails, it would have to be the Motherboard.
  4. First make sure all peripherals are connected and all PSU cables inside the computer are connected. Next Do you have a secondary PSU that you can trade out? If so I would try that first and see if the problem goes away. If not
  5. Ok well basically i took apart the whole computer and put it back together and for some odd reason its working like a charm again. However I have a bad feeling tommorow it will happen again. If it does I will rule out 1 component at a time until I have an answer. Thanks again guys for the help
  6. Ok let us know what happens.
  7. Probably had a lose power connection :)
  8. Probably, sometimes the 24 pin main ATX power connectors can be a pain.
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