So crossfire = upgrade bonus in a couple of years?

This is something I find exciting; if I buy a video card now like the IceQ 6870 by HIS.. for around $160 then in a couple of years upgrade to a new video card for around $160 which will probably be a LOT better... I'll get to still utilize my old card to, what, like 1.4, 1.5 times as powerful as the new video card by itself?
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  1. I would get a 6950, then in 2 years cf! Because in 2 years a 6950 will be dirt cheap!
  2. ^ +1 yes the hd 6950 will be good enough for two more years and after that crossfire.but if your budget are below $200 then go for the hd 6870 it will be a good choice and then crossfire that will help you after one and a half year or maybe 2 yrs if u are a big gamer and want every mordern games to be at max.:)
  3. ^I agree with greghome, if you're looking to upgrade to crossfire you should do it within 6-12 months from the first purchase depending when in the product cycle you get the first card...
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