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Crazyness in my GTX 560 Ti SLI system

It it very difficult to describe the problem fully that I'm having at the moment. Basically, I was having a problem with the monitor picture freezing when i normally booted my computer up so I went into safe mode and ran as many scans as I could think of and uninstalled the graphics drivers fully in case that was the problem (I was using the Beta 290.53 driver btw). This all went just fine, until I attempted to reinstall the drivers. I decided to install the WHQL certified drivers just in case the Beta drivers were being problematic, but the drivers just refuse to install. I then attempted to install the 290.53 drivers, and they also refuse to install. What happens is when i start the installation, it recognizes that I have nvidia cards, and then when I click the install button, the next screen is just a list of each piece of the driver that failed to install. I have zero idea what is going on. I have had both cards in SLI running just fine since January of 2011. I recently installed my own custom watercooling loop as well, though that has been leak tested over 100 hours easily, and I'm 100% sure that's not the problem as I also had the system runnign stably for a few weeks since the loop was installed. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?

MoBo: AsRock X58 Extreme
RAM: Corsair XMS3 1600Mhz
HDD: Two WD 1.5 tb in RAID0
PSU: Corsair 1200AX

If you need anything else to be listed, just ask for it and I'll provide whatever.
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  1. First thing to do is to confirm both your GPU's are still in good order. Remove the bottom one and see if the system functions. If it does then swap the cards over to see if the second card works. Same thing if the first card does not work. If both cards work singly then try them both out in the second slot. If both cards work in both slots then it may be down to the SLI.
  2. Just a thought, you uninstalled nvidia drivers in safe mode, just wondered about the other 4 or 5 nvidia programs that get installed at same time as drivers, did you uninstall all those as well? you may have missed matched nvidia software with other graphic nvidia software still in your sytem that needs to be uninstalled first as well.
  3. First off, thanks for replying. To answer Wamphryi, I have tried them out singly, and they work fine in both SLI or alone, however I cannot install a driver on them. To answer Gigabyter64's comment, I did uninstall all of the nvidia programs when i uninstalled everything in safe mode. I did make sure of that. I noticed something odd today. When I remove them and then reinsert the cards in my system, when they both install and are recognized as Nvidia GTX 560 Ti's. I restart my computer like it asks, and everything seems fine. Directx runs and OpenGl as well. This wouldn't be possible without a graphics driver though. That's when I discovered that in my EVGA Precision tool the GPU's have a listed forceware of 275.33, even though I can find no trace of it on my system. I still cannot install any driver though, or even install the 275.33 driver over the one that's already there.
  4. Its likely that Windows installed the driver itself when the cards were removed then reinserted. The current latest drivers are 285.62 so I imagine that the drivers Windows put on for you are the latest ones from the Windows Update site.

    Its hard to pin point the issue but it may be that you are not installing the right drivers for your OS (which you need to identify by the way) but your OS is finding the correct updates and installing them automatically.
  5. If you go into device manager and select one of the cards and then select update driver does this do anything?
  6. What is your operating system and version , when you download drivers are you gettinfg the correct version to match your OS.
  7. You might have to back up everything, re install windows and install the lastest drivers for the chipset and nvidia drivers. Sometimes the only way to get it right is to start from scratch.
  8. Yes windows did install the driver itself though it took a few tries for each card. I kept getting a Code 28 error with device manager. I have made sure to install the correct drivers as I am running Windows 7 x64. It seems like the way to update the drivers may be a fresh windows install.
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    Doing a fresh install usually corrects driver problems or conflicts that you may be experiencing. Do the install of the graphics and chipset drivers as soon as you have booted the first time into windows after the instalation. Goodluck , I hope this helps you.
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  11. Thanks for the help everyone.
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