Need new cheap GPU ASUS RADEON HD6450 1GB?

Im not familiar with AMD GPU's. But i need a cheap card for my secondary pc, which my friends use whene they come visit.

So is the ASUS RADEON HD6450 1GB an ok bet?
I need it to run games like Sims 3, left4dead 2, shogun2, and stuff like that.
Anny other card in the same price range thats better?
If theres a lot better card prices a little higer id take that too, but not much higer. Prices from newegg compared to the prices i can buy for in norway is about 15-25 usd more her in norway.
Thx a lot
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  1. A 6670 would be your best bet :)
  2. buy gigabyte 6670 OC ~ :lol:
  3. most store are now clearing out 6770's for 99$ ish its still a good card for that price
  4. Im going for way cheaper prices. like 50-70 USD. And i need something i can use with a 300 watt PSU
  5. GIGABYTE GEFORCE GT 220 seems nice. ?
  6. NO, :S not good card at all, btw newegg is having sales on the 6670 with rebate to be about 50-60 dollars.
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