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Hello, I plan on upgrading my computer to be able to cope with Skyrim and BF3 on high-max settings with decent fps (30-60) and I want to know what will help that the most, I have already decided to get the OC version of the 7850 when it comes out so I just need help with what to upgrade to get the most out of my computer, budget is £350-£400
Computer Spec ( don't know specific brands but if they are important I will do some research if it will help) :

Intel Celeron G530 2.4Ghz
2x2GB Ram (im presuming 1333?)
asus P8H61-MX (don't really want a new mobo but if it will help then maybe)
no-name 300w PSU, planned to get atleast a 500W any recommendations helpful

Remember the budget is £350-£400 and around £200 is gone with the GPU, but if anyone recommends stuff that would really help and is quite a lot over my budget I will wait and save.

Thankyou in advance to anyone that helps.
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  1. TBH, I think you are stretching pretty far if you want to be able to run Skyrim on max settings for 350 GBP.

    Max Skyrim and BF3 with 60FPS is more like a 1000 GBP budget.

    At least get an XFX Pro 450w Core and a good case like HAF 912 with the remainder of the budget and try with your other parts you already have.

    You may find that your performance is bottlenecked by the processor, though.
  2. I was thinking mainly the processor would be the bottleneck which is why i was planning on getting an i5-2500k which would be plenty, and I'm pretty sure you'd get playable fps (25+) on atleast high settings wouldn't you?
  3. With the three things I said, combined with a 2500k, you will definitely be getting playable FPS on high.

    Not sure how the Celeron will do if you avoid getting the 2500k. You may have trouble getting that into the 400 GBP budget without seriously sacrificing in the other parts, though.
  4. I will most probably get the GPU and PSU which will cost around £230, and see if i get a playable fps on it and if its miles below what i want i will get an 2500k but if its just below an i3-2120 should suffice? because i can fit all three in the budget if i use an i3
  5. just quickly, what benefits would I gain from a new case? I know that case looks very cool, is it more cooling efficient or purely because it looks cool?
  6. The 2120 is a good processor, it usually does well in gaming.

    What case are you currently using? It is important to keep these parts cool.
  7. the stock case it came with, has a very open side panel but i don't think it has any/ many fans
  8. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cooling-airflow-heatsink,3053.html

    Please take a couple minutes to read this. it may change how you think about cooling.
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