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i'm stuck choosing a cpu for my computer

should i buy a i5 2400 or a i3 2100 for gaming or use the money to get a better gpu?
i'm in a tight budget, and i cant choose between them
i play hardcore game like bf3 on ultra-high wit aa, i want the com to last at least 2-3 years
thx in advanced
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  1. I suggest you save some more money before you build something in haste you'll be sorry for.
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    As stated, wait a short while. Although, if you are in a tight squeeze and hurry, just buy an i3 and a Z77 MB for an upgradable path. I'd also recommend picking up a GTX 480, a 650 watt or higher PSU, and a case with good cooling (while being able to fit the 10.5 inch card). It shouldn't really bottleneck, and it shouldn't have a problem maxing BF3. Just keep an eye on the GTX 480 temps as it can reach 90*C in demanding times while also being abit loud.
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