Sudden shut down during initial bios setup

Hello, I have recently finished building my first computer. whenever i turn it on it shuts down within 30s-3 minutes. i have not been able to get past the main bios screen.

Here are my specs:
Gigabyte z68ap-d3 motherboard
intel core i5 2500k CPU
120 gb ssd
2x4 gb corsair ddr3 RAM
Ultra 550w psu

I have tried going through the bios setup about 15 times and it keeps turning itself off.

Any ideas on what i screwed up on?
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  1. We have a great tool for that if you will use it properly:

    But if you would like an educated guess I have a few.

    -Improper heatsink installation
    -Failing PSU

    Ultra made a few good PSUs at one point, but most of them are very poor or complete junk. They don't even bother to send them to real reviewers any more.
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