Dh61ww & i5 2400 drivers causing issues


I have assembled a pc recently by myself. The configuration is as follows: -

Intel i5 2400
motherboard - intel DH61WW
500 gb sata seagate hard disk

I tried to install the drivers from original CD, after installation screen come up with full of dark blue lines all over the screen and I can't see anything. Then it automatically get restarted. It prompted to choose mode.

Then I restored OS back to initil state. Later I downloaded the new drivers from intel, now its fine but I have one issue

1) When I click shutdown, its getting restarted after 10 seconds or so.
meanwhile cooling fan is running, keyboard led is on..

Please suggest me some solution. Thanks in advance.
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  1. so let me make sure i understand. the included drivers were garbage and the DLed drivers cause the system to restart when it is being told to shutdown?

    Edit= im assuming the drivers are for your Mobo.
  2. Quote:
    I'm confused... :/

    im withya that is y i am trying to clarify the problem.
  3. Yeah renval, you are correct. Downloaded from Intel.com

    BTW, what is mobo?h
  4. it's short for motherboard.
  5. Ok. Yes its for moterboard. Particularly Intel graphic driver is causibg issue.
    BTW, I have windows ultimnate 64 bit OS
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