Graphics card driver wont intall...

I'm using a saphire 6870, i5 2500k, gigabyte motherboard.

So I just build my first computer tonight. All went well until I put in my video card driver disc. When I first turned the computer on it had a very low resolution and looked very poor. I installed the motherboard drivers and the internet started working and the screen then looked crisp and clear, I assumed the video driver was installed.

I then decided to install my GPU drivers with the disc they gave me, I started the install then left the room, when I came back it was at the screen saying windows did not close properly, I have no idea what happend. So I booted the computer up and when it turned on it was back to shitty resolution. I tried installed the video card drivers again and it says it installs, then when it's done it says that the AMD drivers are not installed.

I also tried installing the motherboard drivers but I can't since there already installed...

What should I do?
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  1. go to amd and dowload the latest driver choose the one that goes with your os
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