Hp pavilion entertainment pc (dv6-2008) wont start up

I have a hp laptop dv6-2088 that will not start up. It worked fine last night, but when I went to turn it on this morning it would not start up. When I turn it on, the fan starts up and the power lights come on, also the the volume control and wifi lights, but the screen remains black. Also the caps lock light keeps blinking. I have tried removing the power cord and battery and replacing them, but it doesn't change anything.
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  1. how many times does the caps lock light blink?

    you might try removing the battery and disconnect the power cord. then hold your power button for about 30 sec then reconnect only the power cord and try rebooting the system.
  2. no luck with removing the battery and rebooting with just the power cord.

    the caps lock light blinks 2x every few seconds and will keep blinking until you power down the computer.
  3. if the blink codes are right it would seem you have corrupted bios. i would disconnect all power to the laptop pull the panels off the bottom and look for the system battery and unhook it. i would then try the above again. if that does not work the hook everything back up and contact hp to see what they can do.

  4. if it does work you will want to download the latest bios and update them promptly.

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