Crossfire my XFX ATI HD6770 1GB GDDR5

I just purchased a new gpu, xfx ati hd6770 1gb gddr5. If i crossfire this hd6770, how powerful could it be compared to other single gpu? Like, could be the performance almost as good as the hd6850 maybe even betteror or which card (nvidia or amd/ati)? Hope u can understand.

I have another question, please answer.

1. If i want to crossfire this hd 6770, do i need to get the same brand, XFX ATI? Or just hd6770 but different brand like asus, sapphire?

2. The model number is HD-677X-ZNLT. Do i need same model no.?

Or just tell me the important thing if i want to crossfire this hd6770. Tq.
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  1. For games that Suit well with crossfire, they will go as fast as 6950, or even more.
    But for games that does not cope well with crossfire, I don't think they will be even faster than a 6850, so, before buying crossfire setup, research first on games that you play if it will cope well with crossfire or not. Mostly old games doesn't cope well for your information.

    If you are asking on what will work as crossfire, they will work when GPU architecture are same e.g 6770 with 6770, 6990 with 6970, the also thing you look at is the memory bandwidth, because if they are not same, they will not work as other says. So, if the clock speed is different, the higher one will downclock to match the lower one.

    And I think it is better to get the same clock because You will waste the clocks when you buy a factory overclocked version.

    And it doesn't need to be from the same brand.
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