Using 3.5mm spdif_io from sound card to 3pin pdif_in on 8400gs


I have the following sound card:

With the following port:

I have a videocard 8400gs with the following port:

I would like to make the following cable to pass the sound from the sounds cards 3.5mm jack to videocards 3 pins spdif in

so it would look something like this:

The video card's manuals tells me that i need the following cable:

Since the sound sound produces spdif sound, i should be able to pass it to the videocard, just dont know how i should wire the cables.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Why would you do that? Why not just install your sound card, and selecting your sound card as the main source of playback?
  2. I need sound output though hdmi. and my tv does not have 3.5mm audio in.
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