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i have a hd 5450 1 gb ddr3. Lately i downloaded the new drivers from the website. during the installation the screen blinked and went blank, then the system crashed. I tried doing it again then also same conclusion. What is the problem ?
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  1. Uninstall any old drivers. Then Go to AMD or manufacturer's website and search manually for NEWEST driver.
  2. uninstall all video drivers and run a registry cleaner.. CCleaner is ok, but only does a quick scan, my fav. is TweakNow RegCleaner.. this should take about 10min. Delete anything with the contents of ati in them. Restart and run the install.
    I've found that newer versions of mobile drivers just dont install the necessary drivers properly. I went through all up-to-date versions of Catalyst (from 11.12 downwards) and have finally settled on 11.8 as the driver version that works with my HD4650M

    ATI, on paper, may have the best chips but they really do suck at making drivers. I used to have a mobility Nvidia chip and that always worked perfectly upon compatibility and new driver installs. Plus you cant do any real scientific computing with ATI chips as there's little to no support for OpenCL.
  3. First of all the problem with the old driver is that it does not have opengl version 2.0 or above. I did the best with the information u guys have given and there was a change, windows didn't crash during installation. but when i restarted after the windows loading screen the screen went blank but still the login music was there.So i booted in safemode, uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the old one again.
    Does this problem has anything to do with my windows version. I use windows 7 deepblue.

    Also i did overclock the card 650 core and 530 memory to 850 core and 680 memory- Stable. Is this the reason.

    Thank u for the help guys. Appreciate it.
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