I5 3570K VS i7 3770K

Hi everyone, i just wanna know before i blow my money away. That. Which one of theese two CPU i shall get?

im planing on Gaiming, foing Video editing, and som multitasking.(maybe run a game, and the editing program at the same time)
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  1. with that in mind ie multitasking i would go for the 3770 as it has hyper threading and better for multithreading and multitasking.

    3570k = 4 physical cores
    3770k = 4 physical cores + 4 hyper threaded cores
  2. I agree with rinval :)

    Seems your money is best spent on an i7 with your usage. Running a game and running an editing program will highly stress your CPU. I'm sure the i5 could handle it, but it might not be the smoothest of experiences.
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