Power issue this presario 6000

Hi everybody,

I have a presario 6000 ( Motherboard AM37) with power issue, I can't boot it. Sometimes, i boot it, the fan turn 3 secs and then turn of.
I've checked with another power supply, same problem.
I've disconnected every PCI cards, DVD, and HD
When I disconnect de DDR Memory ( 256MB), the motherboard stay with power, just give me a bip saying that there is no memory. But the fans are working.
One more thing, I've a 4 pin power free, there is nowhere to plug in...
here is the motherboard spec. : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=bph07941&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en
The power button( the switch) is working randomly.
The weird thing is that my client gave me the machine for a formatting operation. I format the machine with no problem. Power problems appeared the day after...

What should I say to my client??? With my knowledge, I would say that motherboard is not working well, must change it,
but it is quite difficult to say it, because it is ganna be expensive comparing to format xp..

Tx in advanced!
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  1. i would suspect that the ram chip might be bad. have you tried the ram in another machine? or have you tried another stick in this machine?

    i recently had a dell laptop that would not boot. all it did was a flashing power light then turn off. i pulled it 512 ram expansion and the system boots fine on the integrated 512 ram.
  2. mmm, I thing I got it, it was the cable of the power switch that was bad! Will check it to see if it keep working ! tx for the answer !
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