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Battlefield 3 Nvidia Temporary Driver FIX For Freezing

Hey Tom's Hardware and PC/Gaming geeks and noobs. There are now tons of threads on this site and on web about battlefield 3 freezing with nvidia cards. It also happened to me with a gtx 470. If you go to Nvidia's website forums you'll find multiple threads as well. It's apparently a known issue to them. Before you pull out all your hair and search a gazillion hours on google for an answer like I did, try rolling your Nvidia driver back to 285.38 (the Sept 2011 original Battlefield 3 beta driver). Seems to make the game at least playable. Instead of freezing every 2-10 minutes, can now play for a hour or two.
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  1. I have recently fired up a new build myself using a GTX 570 HD - and I have gotten messages from Windows that there is memory contention leading to thrashing, etc. I have also noticed that my WEI is only 7.7 while an older box I have is 7.9 (on CPU & memory).
    So, I wonder if this is the same type issue I am having - and of course I am up to the latest driver from Nvidia and play BF3. I'd just like the error/warning to go away - even though I haven't crashed or noticed issues yet,
  2. BTW - The meat of my new build is:

    ASUS Maximus IV Gene Z with an 17-2600k
    16GB (4x4) of Corsair Vengeance Blue DDR3 1333 memory
    EVGA GeForce GTX570 HD (2560MB)
    Windows 7 Ultimate...
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    I did a clean install of the latest for my 570 to fix my issues. (uninstalled each driver component until NVidia was gone and my monitor went black. Rebooted in native VGA, and did a clean install of the drivers from the nvidia website. (290.xx for my card) Someone called them "BETA" but I don't recall seeing that on

    ANYWAY, system up and running - no warnings. Played in all settings from Medium to Ultra with no problems (other than good ol' lag on certain servers)
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