I7-3770k vs i7-3930k for quantum chemistry computations.

I am a graduate student in chemistry and do a fair amount of computational chemistry work (density functional theory). I am looking to build a new computer with which to run these computations and am having trouble deciding between an i7-3770k and an i7-3930k. In my experience, the software that I am using (GAMES(US)) scales quite well up to about 24 processing threads, but I am not sure about the effect of clock speed.

Does anyone have experience with running these types of computations on PC's? Any input would be appreciated.
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    i have not personally had an experience with the computational software. but if the software is multithreaded up to 24 cores. it would seem to reason that the the 3930K would be your better choice even with the 5ish % less performance per core.

    3770k = 4physical cores and 4 hyper threaded cores= 8 cores/ threads.
    3930k = 6 physical cores and 6 hyper threaded cores = 12 cores/threads.

    Edit= also both cpus are unlocked ie overclock with a ---> :)
  2. the only down fall would be pricing. the 3930 is 200ish more for the cpu and the board 2011 socket start around 100ish more

    3930k + good board = 750+
    3770k + good board = 500+
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