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I'm just wondering what is the cheapest processor that would not bottleneck a kepler gpu or a AMD 7950/7970.
Would any of these AMD overclocked processors work?
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  1. Well it is a tough answer! Any modern multi core CPU over 3.0GHz with current I5 line up probably being the best choice.
  2. so you think that the AMD overclocked bundles would work well with these cards?
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    The FX-4100 needs about 5ghz in order to not bottleneck the 7950/7970/GTX670/GTX680.

    Play around with your budget, you probably will be able to grab an i5-2500k/3570K and a Z77 motherboard and a 7870!
  4. So, the cheapest processor that would be suitable would be the i5 2500k?
  5. Ok, i wasn't clear on the link i posted before.

    Would any of these be powerful enough not to bottleneck the kepler/7950?
  6. the FX one, but the i5 bundle is cheaper and outperforms it!
  7. OK, i'll look around for an i5 2500k bundle. Thanks :)
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  9. Thanks,

    I'll probably buy it from Scan 3xs as i'll get a discount on the PSU and Windows 7.

    would i need the more powerful fan or is the £16 one enough if i was to run it using the extreme overclock and the i5 2500k.
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