HELP! New built comp doesn't work...

:fou: Hi guys I just got this the other day and am assembling it now.

HDD: (will return for 10000rpm version.) PSU!! Is this enough? I was thinking of returning it and getting a 1000w...

processor: 95w i think... water cooler, H100 dvd drive

RAM: (i got TWO sets of these, total of 16GB, 4 total cards)


for the graphics card, im getting the GTX 680 in a month, and right now have a GTX 560 EVGA superclocked edition...

Now here are the problems.

-1 Absolutely nothing. That's what happens when I turn it on. 1st is turns on, wait, 2 seconds later off, turns back on and STAYS on until i turn off. I can't see the screen/bios and I hear no beeps that indicate errors. So.. is it me? Graphics card? Do I plug in the mini HDMI into the card, or plug in hdmi to mobo and other end into monitor? I'm sorry guys but this is obviously kinda complicated. (Also 2 of the 5 fans dont work, I'm assuming it's me.)

-2 Video card, all I have plugged in is x2 power 4 pin connectors, and the hdmi. am i missing something? more cables im pretty sure???

-3 Why doesn't anything come up on the screen? I've tried 2 monitors... one hdmi another vga...

-4 All help is really thanked for. Thanks guys n gals!
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  1. 1. you should be plugged into the GPU. On board graphics are disabled when a card is in. You can remove the card and try the onboard video to see if its the system or GPU.

    2. GPUs do not have 4 pin connectors and do not accept 4 pin cables, So you are doing something very, very wrong. Possible forcing the motherboard connector into the GPU. which raises the question of what you plugged into the motherboard....
  2. Your first problem sounds like a short to me. Ensure that your motherboard is screwed into mounts that are screwed into the case. Also make sure there aren't any extra mounts that are NOT being screwed into. The screw connects the motherboard into the mount which is then ground by the case/PSU itself. If metal is touching where it should not be the system will not run. And will act exactly like what you described. LEDs turn on and fans spin but nothing actually happens.
  3. First:
    to make sure you did not overlook something simple.

    Work systematically through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    I mean work through, not just read over it. We spent a lot of time on this. It should find most of the problems.

    Video card (GTX560) needs two 6 pin (or 6+2 pin) power connectors. The PCIe power connectors are wired differently from the 4 and 8 pin CPU power connectors. Using any of these in the wrong place will result in shorting 12 volts directly to ground.

    If LED's illuminate and fans spin, that is not your problem.

    The simplest way to place your motherboard standoffs is to lay the motherboard in the case where it goes, then mark through the holes with a pencil. That will mark the locations where you need the standoffs.
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