A single fan 6950 crossfired with a dual fan 6950

Well I have a friend that is wondering, he has a single fan XFX 6950 (not reference version) That he bought this summer, and now he wants to Crossfire, and the only thing he can get a hold of is the dual fan XFX 6950 version, and my question is, is there a difference between the two, or will they work fine in CF?
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  1. As long as the cards are both 2gb they will work perfectly. I recommend that he put the dual fan card on the top slot since it will run hotter than the 2nd card.

    If one card is 1gb and the 2nd card is 2gb then both will run at 1gb only and might even cause problems with drivers. BUt it will work
  2. It will work fine. If one is a 2gb and the other is a 1gb then the drivers will assume the highest common RAM and treat both cards as though they have 1GB. Get a card that matches the RAM amount of the current one and that won't happen.
  3. Put the dual fan one on the top and one other at the bottom, I think it should work nicely.
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