Need help finding a good psu

currently having a 600watt psu wich is bottlenecking my whole pc

so im looking for a decent 850-1000watt psu

i was looking at multiple rails but i readed that i shouldnt do that?

so since there are so much out there and i can't choose

whats a good psu within range of 850-1000watt ?
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  1. What are the components you are trying to power?
  2. at the moment im running phenom II x 6 Oc'd to 3.7 ( cant go higher due low watt psu)
    1 ssd corsair 120gb
    2 western seagate raptor
    xfx 7970 ( Oc'd to 1250/1600)

    i want a psu that will hold another videocard and since im going to build a new pc ( dont know intel or amd yet , waiting for vishera) and want a high enough psu that will keep me good for a year atleast ( better pay more now then have to upgrade again in a half year) i could settle for a 750 atleast . just want a psu that will be futureproof for atleast a year with 2 x 7970 and a high watt cpu ( since i dont know yet what cpu i'm going to use)
  3. What PSU do you have now?
    A high quality 600W PSU would not give you any problems when trying to power a build with a 7970.

    There are far too many good PSUs in the 850-1000W range, without knowing what your budget is and where you are buying from, to be able to suggest one.
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