Bought another ati 5850 for crossfire; blank screen

Hi all, hope some kind soul can help me out!

I bought a high-end gaming computer 1,5 years ago, made out of great components but assembled and testes at a well known computer center.

Its main components:
CPU Core i7 930, 2.80GHz 8MB
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R ATX, LGA1366
PSU Fractal Design 1000W Newton R2/1000W/Modulär
GK ATI Gigabyte HD5850 1GB
Corsair 6GB (3KIT) DDR3 1600MHz/CL9/1.65V/XMS3
SSD 64GB Corsair SATA 2.5", Nova Series + 2Tb harddrive
Windows®7 Pro Swe 64-bit Single OEI + updated

Given that I saw the effect of crossfire giving +70% 3D-gaming framerate with an additional ATI 5850 graphics card I recently bought:
XFX Radeon HD 5850 (1 GB)

Now on to my problem, after great anticipation, having installed the new 5850 card in crossfire, with crossfire bridge of course and power connectors, the screen does....nothing. Windows starts alright, sound is heard but all the screen says is: "No signal detected". It senses a cable all right but no output. AHHHHH!!!!
Same thing happens with only using the new graphics card.

I know that one is supposed to uninstall the old graphics drivers before installing a new card, but that is not spoken of in the 'crossfire' section of the old cards manual. And Im supposed to get SOMETHING on my screen, even with different drivers, right?!?

Im thinking:
1) Dead new graphics card
2) New card not compatable with my system, cant se why it should'nt!
3) Some installation or tricks Ive done wrong

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  1. Well testing the new card on its own in your system will tell you if its dead or not. ;)
    Are you sure you have all the cables connected correctly ? even the video output cable ?
    I would always un-install and re install especially when going crossfire.

    Mactronix :D
  2. As I wrote, the same thing happens with only the new card.

    Ive made sure that all connections are properly inserted. But I will try it all again tomorrow...
  3. Sorry my bad speed read it and missed that bit :pt1cable: :lol:

    That would make it odds on your new card is bad.
    Uninstall the drivers and install the new card. As you correctly said you should get something from the card even with no drivers.

    Mactronix :D
  4. Put the old card back in. Do the driver Sweep but before you update your drivers put the new card in and see if you can get it to go from there. Do you know somebody else you could test it in their rig? You shouldn't have that kind of problem with a new card. Odds are it is a dead card. I would just RMA it anyway. Good luck to ya
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