2500k with gtx 460 or Phenom ii x4 965 with hd 7850

Hello, I'm planning on building a new gaming PC, and I would like to know whether a 2500k with a gtx 460 or a Phenom ii x4 965 with a hd 7850 would perform better and last longer before I need to upgrade. The games I would be playing are Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Arma II, and Max Payne 3. I will also be using it for older games such as Thief, and I have heard that Nvidea seems to work better on older titles than Radeon, is this true?
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  1. 2500K!
  2. While the PHII x4 965 and HD 7850 would be a faster gaming combo (mainly due to the card), the i5-2500K would be a better processor for longevity. And the GTX 460 won't be a slouch for gaming either... but not as fast as the newer AMD card. As long as you have an adequate processor, gaming is all about the card. The PHIIX4 is a good CPU that can keep up with fast cards, but if you plan on ever upgrading from the GTX 460... the i5 will be better able to squeeze the max performance from the newer cards.
    Cards: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html
    CPUs: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-cpu-review-overclock,3106-5.html

    The i5/460 for future proofing, the PHII/7850 for instant gratification. And keep in mid, frame rate depends on the resolution you game at.
  3. 2500K, and I have been along this upgrade path, and believe me, that 2500K is going to make a noticeable difference, even in gaming over the AMD 965. (I have a Phenom II 920 and a 965 both sitting on the closet shelf right now)
  4. Ok, So I'm going with the 2500k, is there a better video card than the 460 at that price range?, I don't have a preference for Nvidea or AMD.
  5. Quote:
    what's the price range you found for the GTX 460 and where.?

    It's the EVGA 1 gb version for 150$ on Newegg, My price range is about 140$, Here's the link - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130749
  6. OMFG DON'T LISTEN TO THESE GUYS. a 460 is one gig, ONE. That can't handle most games high at 1080p now-days. A 7850 ocd beats a gtx 580 that card that was o, Idk 500+ a year or two ago. Same with a 480. It also uses less than half the power of the four cards mentioned.

    If you plan on upgrading soon, get the intel. If you want to stick around go phenom. I'd say though the phenom is around $100 a good amd mobo is 50-70, the 7850 180-230 right?

    So around 350-370 right?

    The intel combo will be 100+ more expensive, with that money grab a xspc rasa watercoolign kit.

    If anyone on here tells you taht a highly ocd phenom ii x4 965 plus the vid card together wont be way better, faster, quiet etc. than the other combo they should be banned.

    You can put the intel under water too just more money..

    W.e you decide let everyone know, always good to have some more experience.

    I've had 2 amds, and 3 intels. All nvidia so far but waiting on one Amd :).
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