Just Finished Building My PC, Experiencing motherboard and GPU problem

Hello guys, I finished putting my computer components together a few hours ago, and its the first time that i build my computer. Therefore im experiencing some problems with the system and need your help.

1. I think i applied too little amount of AS5 thermal compound but i followed the instructions listed on the AS page with regards to my CPU a i7 2600K. Therefore I just want to monitor the temperature for a while, so what programs you recommend. Im currently using RealTemp 3.70, and have heard that Prime95 is good to test the CPU, but where can i download it from?

2. I have yet not installed the bios/driver CD, that came with my Asus P8Z68 v pro gen3 motherboard, as i have heard it is just better to download the latest bios/driver from the ASUS website. So i went to the site but got lost on finding the bios/driver. Went to this link and selected window 7 X64 bit, and then there is many files to choose from to download. I assume I have to download the latest BIOS file, right? So i did that and when it finished downloading I saw that its a .ROM file, and i've never used that before. So can anyone please direct me on how to get the BIOS for my motherboard.

3. I bought a Sapphire 7950 OC edition, and when I use the driver that I got with the card, it doesn't appear to add anything new to the computer. I check the destination location in the C:/programs/ATI Technologies and there are no files there. So can some please give me a link to the 7950 driver. Oh also tried the one located on the AMD website with the same effect. NOTE however im using a VGA cable connected to the motherboard, so I have actually tried it on the GPU output options because i figured if no new file was added, it would have no effect.

Also when I first got the and inserted it into the PCIe port and still kept the VGA cord in the motherboard outlet, but the when i turned the PC on the monitor wont work. I thought it was a problem with the monitor so tried another one with the same effect. It wasn't until I removed the PSU PCIe cords leading to the 7950 that the screen started to work again.

Also the internet doesn't work on the new PC, but i figured that's because i haven't installed the motherboard BIOS so therefore the Ethernet port isn't working, am i right in this assumption?

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you can help me out.
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    You do not need to update the BIOS as long as it is working. I would HIGHLY recommend you do not try as you can damage the board, and you don't seem to have read any of the build threads.

    Use the motherboard CD to install all the drivers for the board. There is no reason for you to worry about going through Asus' support site. They are almost all what is on the CD. This will get your Ethernet working as well.

    You must be connected to the 7950 to use it. With it plugged in the onboard graphics are disabled. It cannot install the drivers because you disconnected the power. Plug the power back in, plug the monitor into the 7950, boot up and install the AMD drivers. Once they are installed you can set up LucidLogix switchable graphics if you wish
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