New graphics card and screen doesnt come on

Hello everyone.
I bought a Inno3D NVIDIA Geforce GT 2GB DDR3 graphics card and tried installing it but my screen came up black so i found how how much the card needed to run so i bought a 1000w power supply, and the screen is still black. It doesnt come on unless i take out the card. Ive been talking with the guy who i bought it from and i still havent got it working. Here is the link for the specs of my computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Disable the integrated video card from bios.
  2. 1000w :o

    Not the crappy ones right? If you have a decent branded 1000w I think the card is defective. Check out in another system if it works or not. Make sure you plug in the monitor cable to the card and boot it up and check in the BIOS if it is switched from integrated to PCI-E.
  3. ok well what i had to do was go into the bios and set the primary video as the onboard and that allowed me to update the drivers and now i got it working xD. So thank you guys for helping.
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