*GAMING* i3-2120 vs. i5-3450 vs. i5-2310

How much better is the Ivy Bridge i5 compared to the Sandy Bridge i3? For gaming and video editing specifically.

I'm trying to build a new system at 1920x1080, and I could save myself about 200ish dollars if I got an i3sb instead of an i5ib.

Furthermore, if there's not much difference for gaming with the i3sb, would it be worth upgrading to a i5sb?

My thinking is that when I build this PC, I won't upgrade until I need new processor/ram/mobo anyways. Basically until the next generation intel chips.
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  1. What exact games?

    Which GPU?
  2. Assuming the same clock speed Ivy Bridge are about 5% more powerful than Sandy Bridge. Video encoding programs can generally use more than two cores to encode video, however, this also depends on what codec you plan on using.

    If you plan on using Quick Sync to encode video then Ivy Bridge holds a definite advantage over Sandy Bridge.
  3. I'm not sure right now on which games, but they'd be running 1920x1080 and I would probably play WoW/D3/BF3, some nice fps.

    I built a really nice 560ti/i3 for my brother and dad yesterday for bf3, ran it really well. got me addicted to building pcs, it was my first build

    for the card, i'd either get a 560ti or a Radeon HD 7850
  4. You want the quad i5 for doing video editing. Between the 560 TI and the 7850, I'd get the 7850. The 7850 has enormous overclocking potential which burns right past the 560 TI and gets heavily into ruining GTX 570's parade.
  5. if you're playing games like bf3 which actually really use quad core, i would suggest you to get an i5 2500K. dual core is a good choice even for now, but quad core processor might last longer sticking on your MB.
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