Software to test first gaming pc build

Hey guys I just built my first gaming pc and I was wondering about what programs to use to test temperatures, speeds and etc on each component of my pc.

Here are my specs:

CPU: Core i3 2100

GPU: Gigabyte windforce 6870

PSU: OCZ ZT series 650W

Mobo and ram: Patriot G2 Series Division 2x4GB and a Gigabyte Z68MA

A list of reliable software and instructions on how to use them would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
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    Congrats on your new PC, very nice choices on parts, my friend built an i3 gaming system a few weeks ago, runs great.

    Aida 64 (info+ temps of everything) (this one isnt free. that is, to buy.)
    GPU-Z (gpu info as well as temps)
    Prime95 (Cpu stress test)
    3dMark (Cpu+gpu stress test)
    furmark (gpu stress test)
    CPU-z (info but no temps for cpu)
  2. Max1s is right. Use those and try CoreTemp to watch your cpu temperatures.
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  4. Thanks Max1s and ahthurungnone I will try those programs out. Probaly going with the free ones because to pay for a test is just ridiculous to me. My friend also suggested to use `realtemp` if that`s any good.

    Haha the i3 system was very affordable and good performance for the money, I was so happy when it turned on for the first time haha. Looking forward to upgrading this pc !
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