Can I damage my cpu this way?

I accidently tiped over my case and my comouter stoped working. I had to rma my motherboar due to bent pins. I recived my replacment (which asrock claims works) and the motherboard debug screen says 00(not used) which is either DOA but more typically a problem with the cpu being dead or not touching pins. So basiclly im asking if my computer falling over could have damaged my cpu, my cpu being damaged is the only logical problem if asrocks statement is correct.
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  1. yes it most certainly can
  2. ok, I RMA-d it today, didnt see in physical signs of damge, so is it still possible even if it dosent look like theres physical damage?
  3. Yes, although accidental damage is usually not covered under warranty. If they replace it you should count yourself lucky
  4. well, if theres no sings of physical damage how can they tell? and second even if they didnt I have amex purchase protection.
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