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Hello In the last few months I have upgraded my system with new parts. Cpu,gpu, my old hard drive crashed and that was replaced, a new motherboard, cpu fan, and Memory. But after upgrading I actually am getting worse fps then my old parts in certain situations. around 20-35 fps in skyrim, Gta 4 which played decently smooth on my old graphics card is now a disaster, Total war shogun, and deus ex. I am just unsure of my problem or if its my fault when upgrading or something is just wrong. My psu is a little weak I think for what I have but I am not sure. If anyone has a good idea about the bad fps drops please help!! Thank you Here are the specs. Also Ia m not sure if Catalyst Control Center is affecting anything either, it is all set to the default.

Gigabyte 7970 3gb
amd 4.2 ghz turbo zambezi quad core
v8 cooler master cpu cooler
Corsair 600 watt psu
antec darkfleet df-85 case
16gb g-skill ram 1333
1 TB hdd
gigabyte 990 motherboard
creative fx 7.1 soundcard
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  1. I find it hard to consider a Zambezi an upgrade from anything less then a Core 2 series CPU when it comes to gaming. What was your old setup?
  2. In my old setup I had a 2.9 ghz Phenom x4 When i upgraded a guy told me the the zambezi would actually help the problem and I bought it on sale from a website. He said it would make all the difference but it did not. I had an evga 460 gtx 6gb ram 1333 with a stock cpu cooler in a smaller case. Is the processor where I went wrong? I had a budget when I bought the zambezi. I would like to know what you think, much appreciated.
  3. Oops thats not the right name for that processor. But it was clocked at 2.9 I know that for sure.
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