No mobo/case speaker??

I finally got all of my build :D but i looked everywhere for the speaker which makes the beep, cuz i was doing an external build to make sure i have no defective parts. I couldn't find it anywhere, I got the raidmax tornado case, and Gigabyte 970a-ud3 mobo.

so if someone can check those 2 to make sure there isn't one, and if there isnt i guess ill go to this pc store rite beside to buy one, since there cheap.

btw, i still ran the build, all fans ran good, eveything looked nice :)

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  1. the case should have it, i got mine from my case.

    if it's not in the case you should really talk with the person who sold you the case and get him to send you one if not go to some local stores
  2. so if you bought the case can you please, take a picture of where its located and itself. That would help a lot!

    edit: wait do you have the same case? cuz not all cases come with it :/

    edit: just grabbed one from local market! im set and build is completed and works perfect! Thanks
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