Building A New Rig-Need some help.

After getting back from my current deployment in less than 3 months I want to build a new computer. This computer will be used for school.I will be using this for Gaming to the most extreme levels and will need the ability to achieve real time cinematic rendering of current-generation movie-quality CGI.

If you propose your builds for this, I will choose one over the next 2 months. The individual's design whom i choose will receive a PayPal payment of $100 for your time and help, I would normally be doing all this research myself, but the internet on deployment does not have sufficient bandwidth to allow for such things.

I know people can go crazy, but i have a $2500 limit although if you can achieve what i need for cheaper then i would be grateful.

E-mail me -
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  1. Ivy bridge Intel cpus should be out by then; I would hold off on any plans for now.
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