What is a good upgrade from a radeon hd 5670?

Right now I have a alieanware aurora, sporting a Radeon HD 5670. It's been doing ok for me so far, but i want to upgrade so I can run some higher end games better. What would be a good choice to play something like Skyrim or Battlefield 3?
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  1. best options
    hd 6870
    gtx 460
  2. as for the gtx 460 do you mean the 768 or the 1024?
  3. definitely 1gb is better and it depend the rest of your specs can you please list them?
  4. my monitor native is 1920 x 1080
    intel core i7~2.8 GHz
    12GB triple channel ram
    525 power supply, i think
  5. ohhh great stuff then get gtx 460 1gb.
  6. out of those two, do you think the 460 is better? I'll admit, i haven't heard much about either of them. Someone suggested a nvidia geforce 560 ti also
  7. well, but you didn't mention your budget of course gtx 560ti is excellent choice.
  8. I actually just looked it up, and ya it's a bit out of my price range. i also looked at teh 550 ti and it's a lot cheaper. It's even a little cheaper than the 460 but I'm trying to hit a sweet spot in between value/quality. Right now my card is working ok, so I don't want to go too cheap and basicalyl spend money on little to no improvement, but i always don't want to break myself on a graphics card
  9. What's your budget?

    Some HD 6850's (on par with GTX 460) can be had for around $130-140, which either of those would out perform a GTX 550 Ti.
  10. not 550ti it's a 560ti.
  11. I compared the 550ti and the 460 and it looks like the 460 has a better texture fill rate, memory interface and memory bandwith
  12. thats what i told you gtx 460 is better.
  13. 560ti > 6850/460 > 550ti
  14. thanks for all the information everyone. :)
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