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Hey everyone!

I purchased a computer from Digital Storm several days ago. Having never built my own computer, I'm learning a lot just from the questions I have about all the components of my new computer. I had a Digital Storm Vortex 240mm Radiator Liquid CPU Cooler placed in the computer. I have several questions about it.

-Is it always running? If so, that thing is super quiet!
-Does it only cool the CPU?
-What are common problems that develop with liquid cpu coolers?
-Are they expensive, in general, to fix?

Thanks so much everyone!
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  1. RJEwing said:
    -Are they expensive, in general, to fix?

    Closed-loop liquid coolers are not intended to be user-serviceable since all the connectors and hoses are barbed and crimped, once assembled they cannot easily be taken apart without significant risk of ruining them. If the pump fails or something leaks, the official repair is replacement of the whole thing.
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    Its most likely a rebranded variant of a H100 to be honest but to answer your queries,

    Yes, its always pumping the liquid round the loop and cooling it with the fans
    Yes, the block only cools the Cpu, you may have airflow affecting the case internals as well but thats not the purpose of the unit
    Common issues can involve pump noise/rattle due to wear or air locks and leaks can happen
    a fix would involve your warranty but probably won't cover hardware damaged by the leak, like if it kills your mobo and chip
    Glad you are showing an interest in your kit and maybe we can help you gain the confidence to swap it out for a real waterloop someday :)
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