What Is The Problem With My Graphics Card?

I got a EVGA Nvidia Geforce 8400gs, it's so slow when i bought my card from newegg for $40 i tthought it was great but it said 8 stream prossesing units and i think thats why my card sucks so bad. I play minecraft a lot, minecraft is not to bad but could be better. What's the problem, is it the stream prossesers?
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  1. Its a 3 year old card thats why :S
  2. that's what happens when you buy by price and not needs.
  3. That was a lot longer than 3yrs ago...I had a 8800GT about 4yrs ago, maybe longer.
  4. my 8600gt was from a dell i bought in 2006, using it now actually while my 6870 is being replaced.
  5. the 8400 is a really low end card used for movies and such.
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