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Hi everybody, I would like some help with choosing a sound card for my Sennheiser Pc350 headset, as you may know this headset is infamous for having a 150 ohms impedance. I bought them over a year ago and knew after doing research that onboard sound would not work for these headsets, I even came across this topic :

Now yesterday I looked around and saw this card :

What caught my eye is that it says : "The built-in headphone amp supports all gaming headsets up to 150 ohms of impedance and provides greater sound clarity." and for the price it doesn't seem that bad.

But also looking around there is other choices such as the ones that were recommended in the topic that I saw, but I would like to know should I go for that one that seems to have the headphone amp, or should I spend a little more and get a different card. I just would like to make a single purchase and not buy the one I saw and then regret it and not like it, I am not an audiophile but I would like for these headsets to sound good for music and gaming ( BF3 etc) without me having to bump the dial almost all the way up and no I'm not deaf or doing deaf, lot of other people have tried it and its because I have onboard sound and its not enough.

I do not mind if its pci or pcie and 7.1 or 5.1 since these headsets are stereo anyways,and from what I been told it doesnt matter for stereo headsets.

Anyways, from this list which one is recommended without going over $100

Thank you and sorry for the long post, I tried to be as detailed as possible to receive the best recommendation and best help from the experts :) thanks.
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  1. The DG is probably the best option; you don't have many headsets with a built in amp for under $100 . You *might* be able to find an Auzentech Forte at around that price, but they've been discontinued for a while now.

    Note, you really have both PCI and PCI-E options: The DG is PCI, the DGX s PCI-E. Otherwise, the cards are identical.
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