Need advice on 2 new builds - one budget - one gaming

Hi all,

I need some advice on building two new computers:

One is for a friend as a basic pc but able to record music properly (that's an issue I will remedy once the pc's built, won't bother going into sound card issues now, just making sure this thing can do it eventually would be great)

The second is my new gaming rig, which also will need sound rigging, but again, I digress.

I'll be building them both on the same socket (1155) for affordability and versatility and have already made a list for both rig's, I would just like to make sure there's no issues with these setups before I start building.

I'm from Australia so most (all) of the parts will be purchased from MSY.
The budget pc being in the next week and the gaming rig over the next month.

Anyhow, here's what I've put together so far, please let me know your thoughts, keeping in mind the parts provider I posted above has nothing like the availability of newegg, but over here they're the best/cheapest supplier I've seen, and they've opened another branch near me so even better.

Computer No.1 - Friends PC - Budget Range $400-500

MB: GA-H61M-S2P-B3 - $56
CPU: Core i3 2100 - $116
RAM: Patriot signature 4gb single 1333 -$21
HDD: Seagate 500gb - $75
Case and peripherals: $100
OS: Win 7 Home premium 64-bit- $93
GPU: Anything to output hdmi - $40

No monitor needed, hdmi tv will take care of that; could also just get a hdmi mb instead of a gpu I guess.

Computer No.2 - Gaming rig - Budget Range $700-800

MB: Asrock z68 pro extreme 4 gen3 - $165
CPU: Core i5 2500k - $212
RAM: need ideas here, they have little in the way of high-end ram
SSD: Patriot 64gb torqx-2 - $75
HDD: Seagate 500gb - $75
GPU: Gigabyte GTX560 1gb (already bought, possibly buying another for sli, is that worth it?) $170
OS: Win 7 Home premium 64-bit- $93
Case: This is where I'm really lost, want a good one but not too expensive, around $100-150, wanky side-panel's are a must as it's my first gaming build but don't like a lot of the tossed-up cases going around, what's a good brand out of antec, thermaltake, raidmax and coolermaster? the corsair boxes are a bit too expensive.

Basically I've only chosen this gear as it's what was available on MSY and the items on there are all I really have to compare at the moment.

The gaming rig isn't urgent anyway as I'm still flogging this e7300 for all it's worth (3.3ghz, winning)
and can wait a bit if I need to order parts from somewhere, but even then, not many decent or trusted IT suppliers over here so trying to stick with a cut-price retailer like msy rather than put my faith in a website that may disappear tomorrow along with my cash.

Thanks for taking a look at my gibberish, any advice is much appreciated as I've only ever built one system before and want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
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    For the cheap one:
    GEt the i3-2120 for $5 more
    Get 8GB of RAM
    For the graphics card try something like the GT 430, you can pick them up for around $50

    For the Gaming rig
    Try any good 1600 RAM, I recommend Kingston, G,Skill, PAtriot, Mushkin, and Corsair.
    2 of these will e fine
  2. I agree, the 2120 is the way to go. Even that PC will be a gaming beast if you add a video card.

    Newegg has Antec 300's for $40 shipped right now. ($10 rebate)
  3. On thw budget rig I opted for the AsRock Z68M-USB3 Mobo as it has hdmi out, won't be much gaming on this rig until later and if there is he can buy a video card then, is this better do you think for the price? ($86 for Asrock or 56+vid card for gigabyte)

    Hopefully building this all up tomorrow as long as the parts are in store when I get there, so if there's anything wrong with that mobo please let me know :-)

    Also changed it to the 2120, should be a good lil rig once it's done
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