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Hey guys,

I have a question about the temperatures my EVGA GTX 580 is giving off in Crysis, with all settings maxed out. There is very little slow down in the game, and it runs beautifully. Unfortunately, in the middle of the game, the GPU fans will roar to life (from being essentially silent) for about 2 seconds, and then go back to its silent state. I am running two monitors so I decided to keep HWMonitor on the second monitor while I play and I was shocked to see my 580 hitting 98c! The fans were coming to life when it would hit this temp and then lower it back down to 90c, but this process would repeat over and over again as it seemed as though the fan wasn't doing its job until the danger zone temperature appeared.

I looked around at some forums and people were mentioning similar issues in Crysis, and also games like BF3. The main piece of advice seemed to be to download EVGA precision and manually change the fan speed. Upon doing this, I decided to change my GPU fan speed to a constant 75% while playing. Doing this netted me a temp range of 55c-59c ingame. This seemed to have done the trick, but now I'm a bit nervous. This was my first PC build and all my idle temps are really good, but I just wanted to make sure manually cranking the fans at a constant speed wasn't bad, or indicative of a greater issue.

My build is as follows:

EVGA 015-P3-1580-AR GTX580 R
CPU COOLER CM Hyper 212 Evo
CORE I5 2500K 3.3G running at stock w/ AS5

All inside a HAF X 942. My cable management is very good, and nothing is blocking the fans.

My air flow seems fine, my CPU idles at around 29-31c, and my GPU idles at 34c with the fan speed at its default lowest while running 1 monitor. It hits 56c if it is running two monitors (Apparently it is in 3d mode if you're running two monitors at the same time that aren't the same spec)

SO to recap: Is it perfectly fine to be hitting 75% constant fan speed when running a game like Crysis maxed under load? Is there a number that is universally accepted as being best as a fan speed percentage? Or does it only boil down to how much noise you're willing to hear while gaming? Is running 100% fine/advisable?

Also, due to the idle temp difference while running dual monitors, should I be disabling my second monitor while gaming to make it easier on the GPU?

Thanks guys!

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  1. The two games that you have mentioned are the two most graphics card demanding games currently and I'm not surprised that the temps are hitting at that range.When you set the fans at a constant 75% you are not damaging anything and in fact you are now keeping the gpu cooler so it is a good thing and if the fans end up failing then it's better then the gpu failing since you can change out the fans. Most likly you don't have to run at 100% if your temps came down at 75% , you could add another 10% if you want and see what that does. The other thing to consider is that you are not running the fans at that spped when your not gaming so there is no additional strain on the fans when idle. The gpu's are not like cpu's in that thier thermal thresh hold is a lot higher , a gpu can go up to 120c before it shuts down and a cpu will shut down at 90c.
  2. Excellent, would you happen to know if there was a way to make Evga Precision punch up the fan speed to 75 when the temperature hits a certain point? I've looked around but can't seem to find anything. I heard a program called Riva Tuner might be able to though?
  3. Have you downloaded the latest version of Precision? Have you gone into the Precision's properties and looked at the profiles , it looks like you can set a profile to be activated by a hot key. I also know that MSI's After burner is a good app.
  4. I'll have to look into the program a little further and try to figure out how profiles work.

    I'm still wondering if since the gpu runs about 20 degrees hotter with two monitors enabled, if it would be good practice to disable one while gaming. It seems like a pretty annoying concession to make in today's day and age where everyone runs two at a time.
  5. The thermal limit for a GTX 580 is 97c. With your fan set to Auto you are exceeding that and greatly risk damaging your GPU. There is something definitely wrong. You should never get above 88c or 89c with full gaming/99% GPU usage, and the fan set to Auto. On the Auto setting, if all is well, the fan should never go above 75%, and should usually be less than 70% in normal gaming.

    It will not damage your fan to run it at full blast, which is usually capped somewhere below 100%. Your second monitor usually will increase idle temps, but shouldn't have an effect on load temps while gaming.

    While setting a custom fan profile will remedy the situation, it will not cure the problem, which I am going to say is likely due to one of these issues:
    1) poor case and/or video card ventilation, dust, etc.
    2) an improperly seated GPU, bad thermal paste, or loose heatsink

    My advice, since it seems airflow is not a problem, is to consider removing the heatsink and reapplying thermal paste. It is a novice procedure, so don't attempt it if you are uncomfortable with that kind of thing. It's actually not that hard to do though.

    If you want to just stick with custom fan profiles, be sure to use Afterburner. It has a really intuitive and easy to use fan profile application:
  6. Now I'm starting to wonder if when I was playing around in precision, I accidentally unlocked auto and effectively kept the fan running at idle speed, this depriving it the ability of auto-increasing the fan speed. I'm not sure, but it just seemed strange it should get so hot when I had played it previously without problem. I'll give it a look when I get home from work tonight.
  7. Okay so I just got done playing some more Crysis, making sure my Evga Precision was set to "Auto" and not "locked" on the idle fan speed speed of 40%.

    The highest temp the card reached was around 79C, and usually stayed in the 77-78C degree range. During this time, the fan automatically switched to around 57-58 percent fan speed. Does this sound more like numbers I should routinely be seeing, and are indicative of everything being on the up-and-up?

    I must have just been fiddling with the Precision program and forgot to retick the "auto" button after I finished playing around with the slider -- thus keeping the card's fan speed locked at 40% and causing the 90C+ temps.

    So, am I alright? lol
  8. That sounds like it did the trick.
  9. If while you are gameing you want to lock the fan speed at 75% you can do that and it would kepp the temps at a reasonable temp or you can set up a profile to be activated when you play the game , basicly the same thing just you don't have to manually do it.
  10. I had the same "issue" before i got MSI Afterburner, which is quite good for setting your fan speeds, i run with 2x PNY GTX580's in SLI and use these settings:
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