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I'm trying to fix this system, a Dell Optiplex 745, and I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on.
When it boots, the graphics displays fine, and it gets all the way to the "Welcome to Windows" screen, at which point it displays a blank, blue screen. Not a BSoD, just blue.
Now, because there were several of these in a lab, and a few had viruses, that was my first thought, so I booted up a Kaspersky rescue CD, only to get the same results. The system loaded completely, then no graphics.
Then I tried swapping hard drives with an identical, working system, same issue.
Dell support was.. unhelpful, to say the least. I did run the built-in hardware diagnostics, and everything passed.
I feel like I've quite thoroughly eliminated software as the source of the problem, but, seeing as the display is fine until the system loads, it would almost have to be software..?
My best guess is that there's some sort of error when the OS's drivers try to take over from the BIOS, but I really don't know enough about that to have any idea how to debug it.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Otherwise, this computer might end up in the trash :??:
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  1. Can you boot in safe mode? You would be doing that before you get to the Windows logo screen. I think it's f8 or something.
  2. Yes, I can boot in safe mode
  3. If you can boot in safe mode then you can go into Windows and uninstall the video card drivers.
  4. I wouldn't think it could be the drivers, seeing as it has the same problem in a live linux environment, and when I swapped hard drives with a working system. I'll try it when I go back Friday.
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