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Hello! I want to build a new gaming PC (only.. and stuff on internet bla bla) but i'm not sure about the CPU. First i wanted to buy an AMD Phenom II X4 965 3,4 GHz black edition, but i search a little and i found these.. AMD FX 4100 3,6 GHz 4-core and AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 3,3 GHz / AMD FX 6200 3,8 GHz 6-core. Now my questions: It worth for 3 - 4 years a six core or it's still good the quad? and What's better from these, the Phenom or FX ? If you know a better alternative please say it. My computer configuration will be:

Saphire Radeon 7850 OC 2GB
AMD Phenom/FX - ??
2x Kingston 4gb HyperX Blu
Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB /1 TERRA
Cooler Master GX 600W / Corsair CX 600
Asus M5A97 (if you can tell me at this if it's good or i should change it).

P.S. At HDD and Source i don't know sure why because they don't have on stock the 1 tera HDD and Corsair but maybe i'll wait for them.
Oh yea, i'm from Europe and the prices are not exact the same.
Thank YOU!.
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  1. Hiya..

    Phenom II 965 is the better choice between those CPUs you mentioned, and a better compliment to the 7850 video card.

    The Corsair CX600 is a better choice of power supply, the motherboard is a good choice. CoolerMaster is not well known for good quality power supplies, although they do have a couple decent models, the GX 600 is not one of them in my opinion.

    For hard drive capacity 1TB is a good idea. Either Seagate or Western Digital are good brands. I would look for a Sata III 72,000RPM drive, in either brand and you'll be fine.
  2. Thank you for the reply, then i should wait for the corsair and the HDD and the 965 is the best, so i don;t need the six core for like 3 years from now to play the games at MAX. (I forgot to mention, my monitor is 1920x1080 21,5 inch / 56 cm)
  3. Most games on the market today use only 2 cores, there are some that like quads, but game coding is still surprisingly primitive, and thats not likely to change any time soon as long as consoles like XBox and Playstation continue to dictate the market.

    A 7850 and a Phenom II combo should have no trouble given you pretty decent game-ability for 2 or 3 years. Although I can't guarantee anything as far as say 3 years from now the 7850 will be up to the challenge of fully maxed settings, even so, you shouldn't have any trouble turning up the eye candy reasonably high. The video card is likely going to remain often the most deciding factor.
  4. I know, but if you'll go up with the video card the price rise up and the budget for this computer is like 1000$ (in my country) and the 7850 (like i saw in other threds) is better then GTX 560 and the 570 it's to expensive to buy it.
  5. The 7850 is a very good card, I didn't mean to imply it isn't. It has amazing overclocking potential, (its not unheard of to get a 40% overclock out of them, although I wouldn't bother until you actual notice your games not doing as well)

    The reason I say the 7850 is better than both the 560 TI and the 570 is because of its overclocking potential. Stock to stock the 7850 is better than the 560 TI, and just slightly less powerful the the 570, but the 7850 can outgun the 570 in OC. From what I understand (from research, mind you I don't own any of these cards) the 570 has limited overclocking potential because it has no tolerance for voltage increases, where as the 7850 does.

    But you can see how they stack up stock to stock:

    7850 vs 560 TI

    7850 vs GTX 570
  6. At the moment Intel CPUs are much better than AMD. The 7850 might be bottlenecked by the Phenom II X4 965. I would say either get a Sandy/Ivy bridge Core i5, or if you absolutely must have AMD, wait for the Piledriver FX range to appear in Q3.

    Another option is the A10 APU which is I think slightly beyond the Phenom II range in performance, and will allow you to crossfire your discrete GPU with the on-die one for even better graphics. However they are not available just yet, and the FM2 socket may be a dead end.
  7. So i guess i'll get the 965 and the 7850 is good. Dandalf i don't want the intel cpu because in my country the intel is a little pricier but how nekulturny say's the video card will be the base and honestly i like the amd better for their performance and price.
  8. nekulturny thank you very much for you're replys, you helped me a lot !!
  9. You're welcome, yes, the Intel CPUs are a little better, particularly the i3-2100 or 2120, but the performance difference between them is pretty marginal. The i5s are significantly better than Phenom IIs, but their price is as well.
  10. I have that motherboard and it works great, but keep in mind it doesn't support crossfire.

    Your setup will end up being a similar to mine, so just so you have an idea, I run BF3 multiplayer on high settings and the fps never go below 40.
  11. Thanks for saying that, it's good to know, but i didn;t know it doesn't support crossfire, anyway i'm not interested in that.
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