Finished my first ever build

So, armed with no prior building knowledge, and a need for a new system for photoshop, i just put this together.

Intel i5 2500... No need or desire to overclock...
Gigabyte z68xp ud3 b3 ver 1.3
Cooler master hypere212 plus... Keepin it cool
Plextor M3 128GB Ssd system disk
Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB HDD
Sapphire HD 6570 2GB gpu. Got it cheap, and could always upgrade if i decide to spend time gaming.
Put it in a Rosewill Future case... With a rosewill Hive 550 PSu
Uding a crappy monitor from my work computer till the UPS guy delivers the Asus PA236Q ips monitor

I used just the guide here on toms... And the tutorial videos on newegg... Cant imagine my surprise when it all booted up, installed windows 7 64bit... So psyched.

One question... My dumb @$$ saved 10 bucks with an oem dvd burner. Now, i need software to watch dvds, burn discs, and use the lightscribe. Any suggestions on which software to use would be great.

Thanks to the toms comunity for such useful info
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  1. Watching DVD's will be accomplished by VLC:

    Not sure what to use (that's free) for burning DVD'd though as i only tend to use USB's now.
  2. Win7 does not need any extra drivers or codecs to watch DVDs, but VLC will have what you need, as will

    I would be leerey about any electronics made by rosewill. Sure, their cases are fine enough, but their PSUs are not exactly known for 'quality'... or at least not good quality. Asside from that though you did an excellent job, I bet that computer will do the trick for you for a good long time :)
  3. Blanket statement like "I would be leerey about any electronics made by rosewill" are not true. Some of Rosewill's psus have been reviewed by jonnyguru and found to be of good quality. This particular has not been reviwed by jonny but it gets passing marks on anandtech.
  4. windows has movie maker, which you download, and dvd maker, depending if you have home premium or above.

    both are nothing fancy but they are FREE.

    +1 on VLC Player

    if you want something a little better to make and burn DVDs:
    ConvetX 2 DVD is awesome!
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