Experienced PC Builder, Build is not Working

I'd like to start out that I've already built plenty of desktops for family and clients, and that the problem I'm facing is a complete mystery, not some ridiculously easy reason.
asus p8z68-v/gen3 mobo
i7 2600k
gigabyte 6870
hyperx ram 8gb
barracuda 1tb
memorex bluray drive
Thermaltake TR2 TRX-650M 650W psu

I've been using this desktop for 9 months, when suddenly it crashed. It was working fine, until it crashed two months later. Now it's permanently dead.

I figured that it was my original mobo that was defect, a msi p67g43. I got that replaced with the asus.

Now the mobo indicates that the cpu/ram didn't work, so i replaced those, too. Still doesn't work.

The comp never reaches the BIOS, never turns on the display.

GPU does not turn on.

Power supply turns on. now here's the greatest mystery: I hypothesized that the psu was defect, so I decided to use my friend's rosewill 700w (80 plus silver) one. The psu cables started melting and smoke was coming out of the psu (i set the power to 115). and as usual, the comp was NOT working.

Bottom line is, I can't reach BIOS, gpu doesn't work, cpu/ram not detected, other PSU's overheat, and there's no display.
ANY ideas?
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  1. it is probably the motherboard, if you replaced the ram and cpu and made sure they worked, then yah the mobo is a defect. Do you currently have a working psu inside of it.
  2. but i just got a brand new mobo replacement..
  3. GPU: already removed, already tried onboard (doesn't boot up, no display..)

    RAM: switched out, same problems.

    Another defective mobo???
  4. Best answer selected by stevenwwhs.
  5. turns out that mobo wasn't working! got 2 bad mobos in a row. thanks!
  6. was wondering how was your friends reaction when you turned his rosewill to rose fried?
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