How can we use HTML as Active Desktop / wallpaper?


I want to make Html file as my Desktop Wallpaper, Please tell me is this possible in Win7 or not?
is there any other way to use in win7 then plz explain how...!!!??
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  1. Hey, This Htlm file... Is it a picture? if so can you simply open the file to view the picture and print screen? (just use paint or something?)
  2. @silverliquicity in XP and Vista you could set the desktop background to a html file or webpage.

    From what I can gather they removed the option in Windows 7.
    There are a few applications out there which allow you to achieve the same result, but I can't vouch for any of them as I've never been a fan of active desktops.
  3. @joedastudd, the one question i don't do any research on lol, cheers
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