ATI Radeon 5450 HD Driver

card is suppose to have direct x 11 an shaders 5.0, however my computers say's i have direct x 10 an shaders 3.0. can't get help from company.
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  1. update the drivers.
  2. have5450 card, suppose to have direct x 11 an shaders 5.0. insread have direct x 10 an shaders3.0. any body else have this problem?
  3. Update the drivers. Go to amd's website and update them.
  4. thankyou.
  5. amuffin said:
    update the drivers.

    have the latest drivers,i'm not not a first timer. can you think of anything else?
  6. Vista or 7?
  7. Vettedude said:
    Vista or 7?

    have windows 7.
  8. have new ati 5750 card. have directx 11, its not windows 7. don't like getting shafted from xfx. will put other card in second computer an do more test. thank you all for the help.
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