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SlimLine Graphic Cad Upgrade

Hello I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s3620f. Everything is Stock except for the OS. This came with Vista but i upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium.
I am looking to play SWTOR, but my graphics card cant handle it.

This is what i have.

NVIDIA GeForce 7100/ NVIDIA nForce 630i
Pentium Dual Core CPU e5200
4GB or RAM 3.79 available

Looking to spend around $100 preferably less than $100. And I do understand that i might need a new power supply, so i will spend more than $100 only if i need a new power supply.
Thank You for Helping.
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  1. you'd need a new psu and its gotta be a small one.

    you'd also need a slim video card.

    I'd say you can do it for less than $120.
  2. Graphics Card and PSU for under $120? because that would be GREAT
    Do you have any suggestions, or can you tell me what specs I need for it to fit my computer so I can shop?
    I appreciate the help
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    psu- $66
    you can get one for cheaper but this one seems like the one most likely to be ok, they all seem to have bad reviews.

    for gpu you'd get getting something like these:
    -$99 most expensive but the best card even tho it says 400w minimal, it should work with the psu, probably can do medium-high settings
    -$37 least expensive and is not very powerful, don't expect more than low and even then it would be slow
    -$40 should be good for low
    -$70 should be good for low-medium
  4. Thank You so much, i look forward to upgrading my system and beging playing SWTOR.
    One more quick question, If I do buy those two top products, teh $66 PSU, and $99 Graphics Card. Will my processor not keep up with them? I was told my CPU is barely usable for SWTOR.
  5. it should be fine with the gpu and you should be fine on medium-high

    might have to play arround in the settings to make run well.
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  7. OK Thank You so much for the help. You Just made my day =D
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