AMD 6870 Driver has stopped responding once in a while...Help!

Hi all.

I have had this problem since building my new pc some months ago: Every once in a while I get the dreaded "display driver has stopped responding"in windows 7 64 bits always while browsing the web or using the OS normally. I've played Bf3 online for 80 hours, 2-3 hours at a time, played lots of Skyrim, ran multiple run of 3d mark and never a single crash! But once in a while the driver crash while the card is not doing intensive stuff....

Here are my specs:
Core i5 2400 no oc
8gb g.skill ddr3
Msi h67ma-E45b3 board
Xfx radeon hd6870
Seasonic 520w modular psu

I tried updating mb bios, chipset driver and multiple catalyst release to no success.

Changing the psu from ocz to seasonic did not solved the issue. Computer is rock stable in memtest and prime 95. 3d card temp never reach 75c load.

What could be the cause... It is not a huge problem (once every other week) but this glitch has me shopping for a geforce card...


Anybody has an idea?
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  1. It really isn't that big of a deal, but basically what is likely happening is because of the way new OS's and browsers work with the GPU. You could report the issue to AMD through their site and see how they respond. Your system is obviously stable so it isn't something that will cause any issue. That message is basically Microsoft way of saying "the Driver looked like it was doing nothing so I am going to reload it now"

    EDIT: found and article on AMD's site about that error ->

    Anyways the basic emphasis is what you did along with making sure all your applications are up to date. The way things are in your case it looks like one or more of your standard use applications is delaying the AMD drivers response to Windows which causes Windows to restart the driver. This issue could be fixed in later patches to your normal software or even a later AMD driver that responds more often.. But based on what you have said I doubt there is anything you should be concerned about. Everything is working fine.
  2. its probably flash or java support in the browsers using the drivers badly.
  3. Thanks for the opinions.

    I'll wait and hope amd/microsoft/whoever get things right!
  4. 6870 msi twiin frozr II Ok . I tried everything. Uninstall, reinstall, everything. So I put the card away. Tried It again with the same results. I phoned MSI and talked with someone and he said nothing that everyone else is not saying. Power, fresh install, all that stuff...He even told me it was refurbished with them and up to spec. I got and RMA number and an email from them. I filled out a little form and a description of what was going on. "driver has stopped responding and has recovered" So I sent it out that day, only cost me 13 bucks to ship with the Canadian post to Markham Ontario. It was there at 12:10 P.M and they knew what was wrong because they sent me a new one at 12:38 P.m that day. It never said what the problem was but It must have been the card because the card had a different serial number.

    So my answer to everyone is just get and RMA number and send it out.
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