Unable to get to forums on my main account

So I have had an account for some time now (about 5+years, if not more). I am able to log in but when I click on the forums tab I get the following message:
Sorry, your registration has not yet been validated, you are not allowed to post any messages.

Like I have said I have had this account for a long time , but have not used it in awhile. How long till I can use it again? Due to this issue this is my only means in which I can contact someone who may help. I had to make this second account in order to see if I could get this issue fixed.
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  1. Did you validate the account in the beginning when you first signed up for Tom's?
  2. Yes I made several posts with it as well.
  3. I did find your other account. It's still active, and registered. I'm not real sure why you would get that message. This may need to go to Joe (admin).
  4. the account I am speaking about, has the username: Nemmith.
  5. Yep, I guessed that. :)
  6. Try to log in as your other account and resend the confirmation email. You can do this by changing the email address associated with your account, and then changing it back.
  7. ok I will try this.
  8. It worked, ty for all the help.
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