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Built a small project PC, used new components but old PSU (500W). Everything is plugged in and I wanted to ask what y'all thought in order to confirm or deny my suspicion that it is the PSU's fault.

Hit power button, lights and fans flash/spin-up for split second then everything dies. Will not go to POST.

Tried multiple outlets, tried unplugging things.

I think it is the PSU, the mobo and CPU were working yesterday in my current PC until I replaced them. RAM is working, and I can't think of any reason why a new DVDROM or HDD would not allow a PC to boot to POST.

So, you guys think it is the PSU?
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  1. What PSU?
  2. An old PowerPC PSU.

    Well I tested the PSU, it works. Next step I suppose is just to carefully inspect the mobo for damage.

    I tried it with only the mobo plugged in, still no POST. I take it the "Good?" signal the PSU asks for is not getting what it wants back.
  3. Try a different power supply.
  4. More like the mobo isn't getting a good signal from the old PSU - it's probably outside the specs for modern boards.
  5. Well, I got home and it works. :\ I guess magic elfs fixed it for me.

    Installed Windows, rebooted and cold started it several time, no issues. I am seriously baffled.

    Thanks for all the replies! I appreciate the help, haven't been to these forums for quite some time.
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