Thoughts on this new system?

Hi Everyone :)

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Asus RAMPAGE IV FORMULA/BF3 MB, Socket 2011, X79

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Case

Corsair Vengeance 1600C8 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3

Silverstone 1200W 80Plus Gold 135mm silent fan

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO w Transparent 12cm

Samsung 22X DVDRW Black SATA

Intel CORE i7 3820/3.60GHz/10MB CACHE/LGA2011/4CORES/NO FAN

Nvidia GTX 680 4gb Graphics Card

1TB SATA 3 6gb/s Hard Drive

Let me know what you think about this build :)
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  1. Great build!
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    It's a good build and I highly recommend X79 for higher-end systems but I really do not like the Level 10. 1200W is a bit overkill unless you're running like 4-way 680 SLI. You could get a 1050 and be fine.

    If you can get the Cooler Master Cosmos II - I'd recommend it over the Level 10 in half a second:

    You're also using dual channel RAM on a quad channel system - get this instead for RAM:
  3. I don't care much for the Level 10, but the Level 10 GT is a very nice case, though a bit expensive. A fiend of mine has one and I will be using one on my new build. Lots of room, lots of features and it's a lot more interesting than a typical "box" case.

    More on topic, the build looks great but for a build of this caliber, I would seriously consider an SSD for a boot drive.
  4. thanks for the advice, i just swapped the ram order out for the ram g-unit suggested :) i do like the level 10 gt better than that case tho but thats just me.

    so are there any other suggestions to improve this build?

    and i might also get the SSD drive for the boot drive like Elwenil suggested

    and i still prefer the rampage mainly cause ill never use more than 16 gb of ram, and i do like having the 4way SLI option available to me

    but thanks again everyone, ur comments are helpful
    if u have any suggestions let me know. :)
  5. i hate the level 10 one of the ugliest things around so many better cases for less antec, silverstone, corsair to name a few brands with plenty of models from them, i wasnt aware they were doing 4 gb 680's, but nice build all the same. more money they i am willing to afford
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