Weird problem with powercolor ati 6850

I don't know how to describe it so heres a picture

It seems to happen after a cold start and I try to play a video game or watch a video. After restarting my computer the problem is fixed but it's really annoying. Any idea whats going on?
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  1. What specifically is the problem. It is difficult to see from the angle you took the picture. Some of the system tray is on the left, and left and right icons seem to be cut off. Is that the issue? For the cutoff icons you might try the reset button on the monitor.

    As to the misplaced system tray, I have never seen that before. One other thing you might try is reinstalling the drivers that came with the card. If that works and Windows Update suggests an update driver, tell it no.
  2. Sorry should have elaborated on the picture. The right side of my screen goes to my left, and the screen flickers
  3. I would definitely try reinstalling the driver then. The one on the disc that came with the card would be best. Some makers tweak the drivers for there specific card. The "off the rack" drivers usually work, but occasionally they can cause issues.

    Also for future reference, PowerColor is not the best of cards. If you buy an AMD based card again, look for Sapphire or MSI. If you buy Nvidia, look for EVGA or MSI.
  4. Thanks for the help/advice!
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