Intel Pentium G630 for gaming?

Hey guys, im going to build a new budget gaming pc, and need some suggestions, here is what i have so far

Cpu:G630 or i3 2100 (need help)
Gpu: hd 6850
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
Psu: PowerCool 650w 80+
Ram: 8gb DDR3

so basically im stuck between going for the g630 or the i3 2100, the i3 is £50 more from where im buying it and need some suggestions if its worth it, can anyone send me some benchmarks of the g630 im struggling to find any..?

About a year or two after ive build m pc im looking to upgrade my pc to a i5 or i7, so will the i3 be worth while or going for the g630 and saving £50 to buy and i5 a year later? :??:
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  1. omg thank you m8, how did you find it so quick? i must be wack at googling... anyway it seems the g630 is near enough makes no difference in gaming to the i3 2100, but how about multitasking photo and video editing?
  2. This is the G620 against the 2100, but it gets the point across quite nicely.

    The 2100 is a good bit better in everything, although the G630 would be slightly better that the G620, of course.
  3. In multitasking and multithreaded applications i3 will be better due to it being a four threads cpu vs. G630 bei9ng a two threads CPU.

    Here is G630 vs. i3-2120

    Just click performance tab.

    Whether it is worth it is up to you. If you are pretty heavy into it or just enjoy higher performance, get i3. If you want to save some money and a little bit less extra time doesn't matter to you, get G630.

    Note that in some games G630 may struggle a bit more such as BF3 Multiplayer (Not single player).
  4. One quick thing to mention is that the i3-2100 can be put in a Z77 MB as opposed to the G630.
    Z77 MB, im pretty sure, only take i3's, i5's, and i7's.
  5. Quote:
    G630 beats a damn FX-4100... :p

    A single core Sempron or Celeron has a chance to even outdo an FX-4100.
  6. the z77 mobo im using does support the g630, thanks guys for all the replies i think i may save £50 and go with the g630 and in a year or so get the 2500k ^^
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